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Dear Penthouse Forum....

Today's story involves what sounds like it would make the perfect "no WAY that actually happened" story in Penthouse Forum. It involves Traveler becoming a hero to a dear friend and to men everywhere.

But let me start at the beginning. A dear old friend of Traveler's recently moved to the area and is staying with him for a few months. Since he's an art restoration specialist and because I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment with the monikers, we'll just call him Art. Art is a very sweet guy, but doesn't have a lot of game with the ladies. Traveler recently commented something to the effect of "I need to find Art a woman!" - as in "He's a great guy who could make some lady very happy and having a lady in his life would make HIM very happy!" My first suggestion was that we should introduce him to Nancy, until I realized he smokes and that's a dealbreaker for her. So, we backburnered the idea of "Who can we fix up with Art?" And went on about our merry way.

Well, ask, and the universe shall deliver. And Traveler shall deliver the favor of all favors. Yesterday morning he got a call from a friend he'd not talked to in a few months. Claire is a former friend with benefits, and was hoping to re-establish some of those benefits with Traveler. He told her that he's off the market now (she was very happy for him and eager to meet the woman, i.e. me, who took him off the market), and in their conversation, the topic of Art (who she'd previously met briefly) came up. She admitted that she'd thought Art was pretty cute when she met him, and Traveler invited her to come out and join him for a late lunch, and then when Art got home from work mid-afternoon, the two of them could go out for drinks and get reacquainted a bit.

So, a few hours later, Traveler instant messaged me at work. "Well, Art and Claire have hit it off."

"Yay!" I responded.

"They are fucking on my bed right now." He replied.

My jaw just about hit the floor. "Are you SERIOUS??"

"I am officially Art's BFF."

"OMG! Wow, that was quick!? What happened to nice leisurely lunch and hanging out a bit??"

He assured me he'd tell me the whole story later, and then went on to report what he could hear from which rooms. They were in Traveler's room because Art's room is also Traveler's business packing/shipping room, and Traveler's assistant was working in said room. I often worry, when having sex at his house, that either of his temporary housemates (his 23 year old niece is staying with him too) may be able to hear us. So, Traveler reported to me that he could only hear a little bit of noise in Art's room, and nothing in his niece's room.

Then he said "I hear they are getting close."

I asked if he meant close to an orgasm or to finishing, and he said both, and then said "I just heard him announce"

I laughed and asked if he meant he just heard Art say he was about to come, and Traveler said he was putting towels in the linen closet in the hall and had, in fact, heard Art announce his impending explosion.

I laughed and laughed and laughed, and eagerly anticipated hearing the full story when I got off work - I couldn't imagine how shy no-game-with-the-ladies Art had gone from lunch to "in Traveler's room having sex with a near-stranger" in a manner of minutes.

So, here's the whole story:

Over lunch with Claire, the topics of kink, BDSM, and swinging arose. Traveler had previously thought she was completely vanilla, but as it turns out, she's got quite a bit of curiosity about all things kinky. He gave her a bit of an education with an academic discussion about BDSM and swinging, and she asked if he might show her some of the things they were discussing. He made it clear to her that he couldn't/wouldn't actually DO anything kinky/sexual with her (because he's happily committed to me), but that he'd be happy to show her some of the bondage ropes and BDSM equipment they'd been discussing over lunch.

So, they went back to the house, and he took her up to his bedroom and showed her the equipment they'd been discussing, as promised. Since playing with Traveler and trying out all these fun toys wasn't an option, Claire asked Traveler if he thought Art might be into her. Traveler said he DEFINITELY thought Art would be into her, and so then Claire made a request which Traveler was only too happy to fulfill. She wanted a bit of fantasy fulfillment. She wanted Traveler to tie her up and leave her in Art's bed as a "gift" for when he got home. Well, since, as I previously mentioned, Traveler's assistant was working in Art's room, Traveler generously offered use of his bed (which already has lots of bondage tie-off points) instead.

So, fully clothed, he tied her down to his bed, called Art, and suggested that he hurry home from work because he had a surprise waiting for him. He even told him what the surprise was, but Art didn't believe him - he thought Traveler was just messing with his head. So, when Art arrived home, Traveler walked him up to his bedroom, led him in to find Claire still bound and waiting for him, and reintroduced the two of them.

Somewhat surreally, the three of them chatted for a few moments as if no one noticed that one of them was bound to the bed, waiting to be ravished, and then Art excused himself and left the room. Claire worried that perhaps he'd freaked out and run off or something, but in fact, he was just going to take a quick shower and freshen up after a long day at work. Traveler stayed with Claire making idle conversation until Art returned.

When he came back a few minutes later, the usually shy Art was wearing nothing but a towel, walked in, walked up to the bed where Claire was waiting for him, and dropped the towel. She immediately leaned up and took his cock in her mouth, and they were off to the races.

Traveler quietly left the room, closing the door behind them, and left them to their fun.

I think he is Art (and Claire's) new hero.

Apparently Art and Claire had a wonderful time together, and afterwards, came downstairs and spent a good while snuggled up on the couch together being social with Traveler before she went home. I think they'll be seeing one another again soon.

And the grin hasn't left Art's face since.

That evening, I'd not been planning on seeing Traveler, but he called and said he was going to be having dinner with a friend not too far from my place, and would I like to see him afterward? I teased him that he just wanted the booty, and he said of course he did (among other things). I asked if he was all keyed up after the afternoon's events and all the sex that was had in his bed (but not by him). He said "Are you kidding? I'm going to fuck the hell out of you tonight."

And he did, he did. The power trip that came from taking two people very in need of getting laid and putting them together the way he did, well that power trip served him (and me) quite well!

So, by the end of the evening, Traveler's household boasted two Very Very Happy men. And Art is currently writing a letter that starts "Dear Penthouse Forum, you'll never believe what happened to me...."

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