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Tasty tip

Have I mentioned that Traveler knows about my blog? Yeah, he does. And not by my own doing, either. After we'd been out a few times, he mentioned it in passing at one point.

I froze.

Apparently, Katya (the mutual friend who introduced us) had mentioned it to him. My assumption was that she mentioned it to him at some point before he and I met. My closest friends (i.e. those who I don't mind knowing the intimate details of my love life) know about my (anonymously written) blog, and understand that while I wouldn't want them to mention it to anyone we both know but I haven't already told, I don't mind at all if they share it with friends of theirs who I don't know and who they think might enjoy it - it's just another anonymous blog to them, really. And in the context of Katya telling her playmate about a friend's blog about her wild dating experiences, I didn't mind at all. Hell, when he and I met, it was with the notion that we might be friends, might become lovers, but that would be all it was. But I wasn't so sure I wanted a guy I was just starting to date to have full access to my entire dating compendium of the past few years. Especially considering I'd been writing about him.

Luckily for me, he actually thought it was all pretty cool. He knew OF it, but he didn't know where to find it, and while he said he was very curious about what I'd been writing about him, he would fully respect my desire to keep it private and wouldn't wait to see it until I was willing to share it with him. He said he has no reason to have a problem with it basically because he knows I'm saying nothing but good things about him (and correct, he is).

So, over time, I've shared some pieces of it with him, like excerpts from posts about him (redacting most of the mushy/introspective stuff and sticking to the entertaining exploits stuff), and I think he has become fond of the idea that he might in some way be some sort of small scale Internet star.

So, (although I was already planning on it) he suggested that I write today about the fun we had last night and a new idea he had that proved quite delightful - he said it was important to share this tasty tip with my readers.

I made chocolate fondue a few days ago, and we had some leftovers in the fridge begging to be eaten. He said he wanted a late night snack, and suggested heating it up. As we stood waiting in the kitchen for the mixture of chocolate, caramel, marshmallow, and cream to heat in the microwave, he kissed me. And kissed me. And kissed me.

It was sensuous and delicious and inflamed me. The microwave had long since finished, and beeped every now and then as a reminder of the warm fondue inside. We ignored it for a good long while. I told him I wanted him. He responded, simply "soon," which I took to mean he wanted to get that snack in him before we went upstairs to fool around.

Yet still, he stood there kissing me, escalating the passion level and driving me just about out of my mind.

"Is it soon yet?" I asked breathlessly. If he was going to have that snack, I wanted him to have it quickly so we could go finish what we'd started. And if he was going to abandon the snack entirely, well then let's do so!

He told me that all he kept thinking of was spreading the chocolate fondue on my nipples and licking it off. I grinned and asked if that was the only place he wanted to put it, and he dashed for the microwave, assuring me that my nipples were just a starting point.

The point of brilliance, the Tasty Tip which I need to share with you, came just before we headed upstairs with our bowl of warm fondue. Traveler grabbed a bag of marshmallows and said he had just gotten an idea he wanted to try, which was using a marshmallow as a paintbrush for painting the chocolate on my body.

I shrugged and said sure, why not. I've had chocolate licked off of my body on more than one occasion in the past... this was a new and seemingly unnecessary concept, but I was willing to give it a go.

And let me just say, it was a fantastic idea!

He would take a marshmallow, swirl it around a bit in the chocolate, let the excess drip off, and then use that to rub and "paint" the chocolate on to various parts of my body. When he'd finish a particular application, he'd eat the marshmallow (this step not required, but he digs marshmallows, so he wanted to), and then not only would he not have his fingers covered with chocolate from spreading it on me, but he wouldn't have a paintbrush/spoon/other applicator to worry about securing before he got down to the business of licking up the chocolate.

So... it was much less messy than chocolate play usually is. Also, if you're using a new marshmallow each time you dip into the chocolate, you're not getting the chocolate all germed up (so you can keep the leftovers for future use).

But the best part was how it FELT. Pillowy soft, slippery with the chocolate, and rather like a tongue. So, imagine the possibilities.

So - next time you're getting out something thick and sweet and liquidy to apply to and lick off of your lover's body... grab some marshmallows and enjoy a sweet and tasty paintbrush!


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