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Technologically Impaired

As long as I've known him, I've been giving TheLibrarian a hard time about his sad, sad, ancient little pay-as-you-go cell phone. Held together by tape and prayer, his phone is rarely on, and when it is, it's hit or miss whether it will be near enough for him to hear and answer it. And forget about texting. His phone can receive texts but he doesn't get notified that they've come in, so usually misses them entirely (and, I think, may have sent me all of one brief text message in the entire time I've known him). This technological impairment of his has long been a source of teasing, since I'm a big technophile and texter, and he is otherwise very tech savvy.

Well, this week, he finally got a new phone, a fancy android phone full of big boy phone features. And about an hour ago, I got a text message from him:

"I'm in yer phonz, saying helloz"

Very cute! I responded right away, saying "*grin* helloz!"

When I'd not gotten a response over half an hour later, I sent him another message: "You know, you need to send more than one message in succession to be considered texting :P "

His response, about 6 minutes later, said "I was still finger-typing my reply when you texted. But I'm getting faster. Plz expect it to arrive within the next 19 hours or so, if I can maintain my pace."

I replied "Still finger typing half an hour later?? Yeah, 19hrs later sounds accurate... I could WALK over & talk to you in person more quickly."

(And for a point of reference, he's about 50 miles away at the moment. Yet I could still walk there more quickly.)

Still haven't gotten that response. Guess I should wait another 18 hours or so before I tease him about it again. ;)

And speaking of TheLibrarian... considering that he's been my only regular lover in this past year or so, I was mildly concerned about where my entering into a committed relationship with Traveler would leave our friendship. How would he take the news that our friends with benefits arrangement was going to be downgraded to friends without benefits? And would that new arrangement hold appeal?

So, not too long ago, I had dinner with him one night and told him the news. Our schedules had kept us from getting together for the past couple of weeks, but I had told him about Traveler from the start and had been giving him regular updates about how swimmingly things were going between us - but also offering many caveats about how despite the fact that it seemed like more, I didn't think it was likely to ever be anything but friends with benefits because I didn't think Traveler WANTED any more than that.

So, when we got together, TheLibrarian eagerly sought updates on what was new in my life (and what was new with Traveler and I). I told him about everything that had been happening, and about how, much to my surprise and delight, I now found myself in a committed exclusive relationship with Traveler. As I was drawing my story to a close, I realized that TheLibrarian had been good naturedly chuckling throughout.

I just looked at him and said " saw this coming a mile away, didn't you?" He just laughed and said yes, and that he was very, very happy for me. We spent a few hours together eating and playing games, and when he was headed out for the evening, gave me a big hug and said again how very happy he was for me that things were going so well with Traveler, said he looked forward to meeting him, and suggested that I invite him along on the hike we planned to take this weekend. I'm not sure I'm ready for THAT step just yet, but I was really pleased that he's so happy for me, so eager to move on with our friendship, and looking forward to meeting my boyfriend. So, this all bodes well for the future of our platonic friendship, which is happymaking for me!

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