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Traveler gets swallowed by house

Traveler and I continue to move on into couplehood, still unable to get enough of one another. Without planning to do so, we seem to find our way into one anothers' arms every day, even on the days when we explicitly plan not to.

He had plans to leave Saturday for a business trip, but with much to do in advance of the trip, I expected him to stay the night Wednesday evening, as we had plans, and then that after we parted ways Thursday morning, I might not see him again until he returned from his trip the following Wednesday. But my house swallowed him up on Thursday. I was rather amused by the sequence of events:

So, Wednesday, we went out for the evening, came home, had wild monkey sex, and fell asleep. He awoke in the morning, we had sex, got up, and I was working from home for the day, so I got to work on my laptop on the couch. He puttered a bit checking his email on his laptop, saying he would be leaving soon. We had an impromptu mid-morning sex break, and then I got back to work, with him saying again that he was leaving soon. After some further puttering about his computer, he took some time to wire and hang some artwork for me. I worked a bit longer, and noon was approaching and he still hadn't left. I asked if he'd like to get some lunch. He said yes, but insisted that he was going to leave right afterwards, that he needed to get home (and to his home office) and get some work done.

After lunch, I got back to work on my laptop, and he promptly fell asleep on the couch. He dozed on and off for the entire afternoon, my kitten sleep on his chest, occasionally waking to take a phone call, insist he was leaving soon, and then fall back asleep. Around 6pm, I finished working for the day, and asked him if he'd like me to cook him some dinner. He said "How can I refuse that?" but then insisted that afterwards, he was going to go home - since he'd slept most of the day, he was going to have to spend the evening and all the following day working.

I chuckled and said fine, went to the store for groceries, and came back and fixed us dinner. As we lounged about letting our meals settle, I got a little frisky with him, and we ended up going upstairs to fool around. After we had sex, we promptly fell asleep until after midnight, with him occasionally waking up and saying weakly that he was going to get up and go home. Finally, I got up, since I'd slept most of the evening and was now wide awake. I checked in with Traveler to see how he was doing. He finally admitted he wasn't going to make it home, but insisted he WAS going to get up. I went downstairs to watch a little TV. I checked on him every few minutes, and he kept saying he was getting up, but didn't.

Eventually, after an hour, he got up and came downstairs for a couple of hours, after which we went back to bed and passed out hard for the rest of the night. In the morning, he eventually made his way for home, planning on spending the day and evening working before leaving for his trip early the following morning. We parted ways on the assumption that we wouldn't be seeing one another again until he returned.

But the best laid plans, well…

We texted back and forth, agreeing that we were going to miss one another, and had gotten surprisingly used to seeing one another practically daily. By mid-evening, as I sat home working on a few things around the house, Traveler texted me and asked, if he could get his work and packing done, would I like him to come over? I smiled that he wanted to see me (again) before leaving for his trip. I offered to make things easier on him and come to his place. Ultimately, we had a lovely late evening together, a delicious night together, and a delectable morning together before I saw him off for his trip.

I'll miss him while he's gone, but I'm sure he won't be out of touch for long - he we talked twice after he landed, and I'm sure we'll keep up our pattern of frequent texting and talking while he's gone.

I must say… this boyfriend I've got - he's pretty awesome. And, coming soon, we're going to be going on vacation together, to Jamaica! I recently booked the trip with my friend Sarah, something we've been wanting to do for a long time. But after the (non-refundable) trip was already booked and paid for, Sarah got some bad news - there'd been a miscommunication with her ex-husband, and as it turns out, her son's high school graduation was scheduled for the same day we're supposed to leave for our trip! Not only that, but when I inquired into finding a later flight or even moving the trip back by a day - it was going to cost a RIDICULOUS amount of money to make the changes. So, after some checking around, I realized it would be a much better "deal" for Sarah and I to take another trip together later in the summer, and for Traveler to join me on this trip to Jamaica in her place.

So, to recap: Traveler and I met a month ago, thinking we would just be friends with benefits, but it quickly became apparent that we were meant to be much more. We've not gone more than a few hours at a time without being in some form of contact since, and have seen one another practically every day. We seem compatible on every level we've yet explored, and see so very much ahead of us waiting to be explored together - and we're very excited about the possibilities! We've been together for a month, but are looking together at things (vacations, family weddings, and more) weeks, months, even longer from now. We're meeting one anothers' friends, joining one anothers' activities, and integrating our lives into one another's.

I said it before recently, and it's worth saying again: It's lovely. And I'm excited about the possibilities, about…well, if this is what it feels like it is, if this follows the path that it feels like we're on…

Wonderful things are ahead for us, just wonderful.

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