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Doggie Zen

I got a new kitten last Friday. He is adorable and playful and noisy and sweet. And currently obsessed with trying to eat my necklace in the cutest of ways. I asked Traveler if he would like to go with me to pick up the new kitten (which would necessarily keep me at home for the evening and unable to go out with him). He said he'd love to, but thought he aught to spend some time with his dog, Zen. He pointed out that he'd been at my place every night for the last week, and so he'd spent very little time with his dog. I acknowledged that that was important, but asked if he might stay away juuuuust one night longer (as we both knew I was having girlfriends over Saturday night, which would keep us apart for the night).

He made a suggestion that took me by surprise. He asked what I thought of him bringing Zen over with him for the night.

This may not seem like an unusual request to some, but it was something that hadn't even occurred to me. In ten years of living in my home, I have never let anyone bring a dog into my house. It's not that I don't like dogs, but they tend to be on the unpredictable and destructive side, with even the most well behaved dogs resulting in chewed or knocked down possessions. Also, I have cats, and generally prefer not to terrorize them by bringing dogs into their home sanctuary.

But in this case, I only had to think for a moment before saying "Sure, bring Zen on over!"

This was a major thing for me. Bringing a dog into my home? Big. Letting my new boyfriend bring his dog over so that it could meet and 'make friends' with my cat and my new kitten? Huge. But it felt right. Normally, immediate introduction of a little kitten to a grown dog would make me very nervous. But I wasn't even the least bit concerned about Zen meeting the new kitten, or causing destruction in my home.

Let me just tell you about Zen. This is THE most relaxed, chilled out, and calm dog I have ever met. A friendly mid-sized hairy fluffball, I have never seen a dog more calm, more zen, than this one. Even at the times when most dogs are beside themselves jumping around, barking, wagging like crazy, and getting all up in peoples' business - like when their owners come home, or new people enter the house, or food comes out… yeah, Zen just chills. I've never seen him bark or jump up on anything or anyone. Traveler has spent a lot of time training him as a therapy dog (for hospitals, nursing homes, etc), but Zen goes far above and beyond the calmness that a therapy dog needs. I knew, without a doubt, that he would handle visiting my home and meeting a new kitten like a champ.

After a brief stop at a cookout to visit and meet some of Traveler's friends (who were, of course, lovely), we took Zen along with us to get the kitten. Zen stayed in the back of the SUV without making a peep the entire time we were in the car, and without getting excitable. Even the entrance of a kitten into the car didn't work him up - he barely took notice as the kitten snuggled up in my lap for the ride home.

And sure enough, Zen performed like a champ. The kitten was not thrilled by the dog. As they moved around the house, the kitten would be doing fine, until he noticed Zen nearby, then his fur would stand up and he'd make little kitty hisses, and scamper away. This scene was repeated many times over the next 20 hours or so that Zen and the kitten were visiting, and never ONCE did Zen display any behavior that could be considered even the tiniest bit aggressive. No matter how much the kitten antagonized him, Zen barely moved. It was like he was waiting for the kitten's permission to come play with him. At most, he might take a gentle step or two towards the kitten, but when the kitten would hiss or jump or run, Zen not only wouldn't chase him, he wouldn't even make sudden moves, either staying still or slowly taking a step or two away.

I was continually amazed by Zen's behavior - I've never seen anything like it. This dog is kind of incredible. And the longer the kitten was around him, the closer the kitten would venture towards Zen, and I think, in time, they're going to become best of friends.

Because, of course, I told Traveler that Zen was such a delight that he's welcome to bring him over anytime he likes.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, the non-dog person who's not allowed a single dog to step foot into her house in 10 years, it's a big deal.

And Traveler, he was a champ too. The kitten adored him, and he was so patient with those needle like kitten claws climbing all over him - I got some adorable photos of the kitten climbing around his head. And when, after a late Sunday brunch, Traveler and I fell asleep draped across the couches in the sunroom, my head on his shoulder, the kitten immediately crawled up onto traveler's chest and fell fast asleep.


So… the introduction of the kitten and the pooch went swimmingly, and the weekend was full of win. Well, except for that one little thing…

Traveler broke me!

Yes, for the first time, the Vixen has suffered from a sex-related injury. And it's all his fault. Or something like that, anyway.

After a particularly long and acrobatic bout of sex Friday night, I quickly found that I was walking funny. As in something felt allll out of whack with my hip. It felt like something was sort of popped out of place, like I needed to crack/snap/pop it back in, but it just wouldn't go, no matter how much I stretched and twisted my body. I didn't think too much of it at the time, but when it was still bothering me come morning, I started wondering more what the hell I'd done to it.

Traveler offered to work on it for me. Between his massage therapy training and 30+ years of treating his own hockey (and other sports) injuries, he knows an awful lot about working out the aches and pains of the human body. He spent the next hour or so twisting and stretching and manipulating my body in marvelously therapeutic ways, which helped a lot. At one point, I commented that he worked my body over like a Maestro deftly conducting an orchestra full of instruments. Maestro, yes, he very much liked this moniker (which also served as a lovely play on the term "Master" we've been toying with using during kinky sex play).

After he'd worked on it for a while, my hip was feeling substantially better, but still out of whack. Then, as he continued to work on it, I saw a light bulb go on over Traveler's head. He said "Wait a minute…" and moved his hand up along one particular muscle, found the spot he was looking for, and pressed in and down slowly. He asked if I felt any pain when he did so (I did).

He sat up. "I know what happened."

"You do?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "You pulled a groin muscle while we were having sex. I think, you had your legs over my shoulders, and you came really hard, and your legs/body tried to straighten out and push me back, and I pressed forward hard to keep you from launching me off of you, and… well… yeah."

I laughed. "But it's not as if that was a new position for me. I've had orgasms in that position before. I've NEVER experienced this kind of injury before."

Traveler pointed out that while I may have had sex (and orgasms) in that position before, I've not done so with a 6'2" 215lb man bearing his weight down on me, and I've not done so with, um, how do I put this delicately, a man of his considerable size going into me before either.

Hmm. He had a point there.

Yeah, so apparently Traveler and I had such vigorous and acrobatic sex (and I had such an intense orgasm in said acrobatic position) that I pulled a groin muscle and will be walking funny for the next few days. He feels kind of awful about it - and about the further abuse he heaped upon the injury with a morning romp before he realized what he'd done. I can't help but giggle about it.

This is a first!

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