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This past month has been quite the whirlwind, and I've been swept up and swept away by my sexy Traveler. So much has happened, and I've had so little time to write about it all. But really, that is a good thing - I've been having such a wonderful time living my life that I've not had spare time to write about it. There's much to tell.

When last I wrote, I was looking forward to heading out of town on the weekend to visit the hedonists' paradise of a large swing club a few hours away with Traveler, Gregory, Katya, and their boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn't know what to expect for the weekend, beyond debaucherous fun with my friends, and likely an eventual puppy pile of people lost in passionate abandon. That's not an entirely inaccurate description of the weekend, but the way the weekend ultimately turned out was a real surprise to me.

The original plan was for Traveler and I to head out on our own late Saturday morning to the club for their afternoon pool party. We were to be joined later by the rest of the gang, who had to work during the day, and we'd all stay for the evening party, spend the night at a nearby hotel, and return Sunday morning. But our time together was drawn out considerably beyond that.

Traveler suggested we spend Friday night together so that we could get up and go to head out of town Saturday morning in a leisurely fashion. Unfortunately, I already had plans for the evening with a friend, so I texted him when I was on my way home, and he met me at my place just after midnight.

It was a long night. We didn't fall asleep till about 5am. I'll let your imagination run wild with what we were doing all that time (hint: we weren't crocheting doilies). We woke up late morning and took our time getting out of bed, getting our things together, and eventually hitting the road. Since this was our first road trip, this was the first time we'd been in the car together for an extended period of time, which for many people could lead to long silences and awkward moments. I was thrilled that we had no shortage of things to talk about.

As we talked about the club we were going to and parties and past experiences we'd both had in the swinging world, and he asked if I might be interested in going to Fantasy Fest, a huge week-long wild-n-crazy Halloween celebration held every year in Key West. I've heard of it many times but have never been, and would certainly be curious to check it out… when it happens six months from now. I mentioned the huge Halloween parties I usually attend thrown by the swing club to which we were headed, and he thought they sounded like fun. He suggested that perhaps, a better idea might be to attend that party this year, and go to Fantasy Fest next year, as the hotels there usually book up very far in advance.

OK… so he is looking ahead towards plans together not only six months from now, but a year and a half from now. Iiiiinteresting (she says with a smile).

With a couple of brief stops we had to make along the way, we didn't even get to town until 4:30, around the time that the pool party we had meant to attend would be winding down for the day, so we just went to the hotel instead and got settled in and relaxed for a few hours before the party (and by relax, I mean have wild monkey sex).

As we lounged about the room, Traveler initiated a conversation I wasn't quite expecting. He asked if I might prefer it if we played exclusively with one another for the weekend (as in no hooking up with the friends we came with or anyone else at the swing club). He asked it in such a way that expressed both that he was offering himself to me exclusively for the weekend, and that implied it was his preference that I have him all to myself.

I wasn't quite sure how to respond at first. I tried to offer up a "whatever you'd like to do is fine" response, but he pressed me further to see what it was that I would really prefer. While I didn't have any issues with him playing with Katya or other friends along the lines of jealousy, I also didn't have much desire to play with anybody but him. Our physical chemistry has been SO very good… and we're still in that new exploratory phase where everything is hot hot hot - that I was happy to focus all my sexual energies on him - and if I didn't get to play with anyone else, that was really fine by me. So… when pressed, I said that if it were entirely up to me, then sure, I would enjoy exclusivity for the weekend, and wouldn't feel like I was "missing out" on anything by not playing with Gregory or other potential playmates we might meet at the club. Traveler seemed pleased with this, and said I was all his for the weekend.

Hmmm…. OK. I liked the sound of that.

Almost by chance, we found a lovely little organic restaurant near the club we were going to (a bit of a surprise given the rural locale), and we had a wonderful romantic meal there together before heading back to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the gang, who arrived while we were at dinner. We repeated what seems to be becoming a pattern with us. We find ourselves at a restaurant seeking a meal, but neither of us is particularly hungry (even though we've been abusing our bodies enough that we should be ravenous), and so we end up ordering a few small dishes to share. Not only has this been working out well for us, but we seem to have very similar tastes in foods, because we keep picking the same dishes and finding wonderful small meals together. I'm glad that we seem to mesh well that way.

Once we returned to the hotel and met up with our friends, we needed to figure out the best way to get the six of us over to the club. Neither Traveler nor I drink, so we both offered to be designated drivers, but didn't see much point in bringing two vehicles, when, with a little effort, we could fit all six of us into Traveler's SUV for the short ride to/from the club. This meant four people squished into the back seat, so we put all the girls in the back, along with the smallest of the guys (Gregory). Gregory, packed into the backseat like sardines surrounded by three of his lovers… I think he was feeling like a very lucky man.

As we pulled up to the club, I realized that I was the only one in the group who'd been there before. Gregory and Katya and their significant others had been to hotel-based events offered by this club, but had never been to their dedicated 'on premises' hedonists' playground before. Traveler was no stranger to swinging, but had never been to a swing club before. He had, however, signed up for a membership on the club's website.

As we were pulling into the driveway and up to the security guard, I realized that there would shortly be some confusion if I didn't provide any direction. I called out quickly from the back seat "He's going to ask what you're here for. Tell him you're here for the ES party and that we're all members; that's what he's looking to hear."

About 5 seconds later, Traveler's window went down, and I heard him say cheerfully (like he'd been there a thousand times before) "Hi, we're here for the ES party, we're all members." Without further inquiry, the guard waved him on through, having handled it like a pro. We dropped the gang off in front of the club to get in line to enter the club, and headed to the parking lot down the hill behind the club to deposit the car. By the time we walked back up to the front of the club, they were still waiting in line. We walked up, and at the same instant, as if we'd rehearsed it, Traveler and I said, in unison, "Hey, Kids!"

We all stopped and looked at one another. Whoa. Jinx! How the hell did we just manage that? Great minds think alike, I guess. I'm glad our brains so often seem to be on the same page.

While Traveler had never been to a swing club before, years earlier, he'd been to many private swinger house parties, so the general scene and concept is not foreign to him. As we stood in line waiting to get in, the next road block came our way. A staffer asked if we'd been to the club before. I explained that we were all club members, I had been there many times, and that the rest of the group had been to other parties thrown by the organization, but never any at that location. He handed out extra release forms that had to be signed for that particular facility.

Like most swing clubs, this particular clubs requires that all new attendees go to an orientation (which tends to be part club tour, part newbie swinger tips, part super obvious club rules [i.e. no means no.]). Gregory, Katya, and their peoples would not be required to go to the orientation, since they'd been to one at one of the group's earlier hotel parties. But Traveler would be required to do so, and frankly, the orientations are a pain in the butt he would learn absolutely nothing new.

But I knew the trick for skipping it. I explained that if he was asked if he'd been to one of their parties before, he should say yes, that he'd been to a party as my guest before he got his own membership, and had been through an orientation session then. I knew that if he played it right, they'd pass him on through without requiring him to attend the annoying session. And he handled himself beautifully, charming the staff member checking us in to bits, and within a couple of minutes we were headed on back into the club.

I showed Traveler around the club's facilities as we walked on through. The locker we'd been assigned was in the upstairs changing area, so we went up to stow our things. Since we were already up there, I asked if he'd like to take a quick look at the upstairs facilities (which consist of a large number of play rooms which range from tiny plain rooms consisting of a bed and nothing more to elaborate theme rooms and large open public play spaces). He declined, saying we should go back downstairs and wait for the rest of the gang to make it through security, then all take the tour together - both because he didn't want our friends to be left out of the tour, and because he knew himself well enough to know that if we explored all the (currently empty) sex rooms on our own, we'd quickly get distracted and not return to our friends for quite some time. How considerate of him! (Or something like that - regardless, well played.)

By the time we made it back downstairs from stowing our things, the rest of the gang hand made it through security, and we all made our way through the extensive downstairs of the club to the back bar area, and situated ourselves there for a good twenty minutes or so before heading back up to the front of the club to go dance. As we were leaving the back bar area, I noticed for the first time and commented that the (rather attractive) barmaid was nude.

Traveler's response was to shrug and say "Oh really? I hadn't noticed." and keep on walking.

Ooh, he's a keeper! He didn't rubberneck to see the naked barmaid, he didn't seem phased or even interested. He didn't seem blown away or freaked out or any of the other reactions you might expect to such a scene by someone who's never been in a swing club before. Nothing in the club seemed to surprise him too much, he rolled with it all very nicely!

We all went up to the dance floor to dance, and he and I quickly found ourselves in a sexy groove dancing and making out on the dance floor. I had fully intended to get our dance on with our friends, but before too long realized we were oblivious to everyone around us when Katya teased us "You know, they have rooms upstairs for that…."

We giggled and kept dancing. And kissing. And then some.

We may have decided that we weren't going to play with anyone but each other that evening, but that didn't mean that we weren't going to make great use of the facilities there in the little hedonist paradise we were visiting - being the hedonists that we are, after all. Before too long, Traveler and I made our way upstairs to explore a bit. We found a fun room and lost ourselves in one another for a while before rejoining our friends.

Over the next few hours, we alternated between socializing with our friends and stealing moments away with each other. We lost ourselves for a while on some lounge chairs on the darkened side of the swimming pool, we lost ourselves back upstairs for a while too, and eventually, got to the point that we were thinking "hmm, let's move this party back to the hotel, why don't we?"

Except that our friends were still… busy upstairs. While we waited for them to finish what they were doing, we hung out in the bar and Traveler took the opportunity to play with the few pieces of green and black bondage rope he'd tucked into his bag. First, he bound my hair with the green rope, using an ingenious series of knots and twists to bind my hair into a tight bun with "reins" hanging from it, such that he could pull on it quite hard and it wouldn't budge or slide out of my hair. Mmmmm yes, handles!

Then, he put my hands behind my back and, using the black rope, bound my wrists to one another and then bound them to the leads trailing from my hair. As we stood in the midst of the bar with him working on me and whispering in soft sexy tones to me, I came to notice we had an audience - a very heavyset man was sitting at the table next to us, watching us intently.

As I glanced over in his direction, he said "So, you guys must be into bondage, huh?"

THANK YOU, Captain Obvious!

I just said "Gee, yes. Whatever gave you that idea?" and turned away again.

By the time Traveler had finished tying me up, our friends had returned from their sojourn to the upstairs of the club and had gone to refuel at the buffet before we headed back to the club. They admired Traveler's handiwork while I waited patiently like the good little submissive to be led back to the car and the hotel. When it was time to get in the car, however, we realized that our four-person-squish into the back seat wasn't going to work if I had my arms bound behind me, so he released me and we all headed back to the hotel for further debauchery.

Things got even wilder once we'd returned, as we all congregated in Gregory and Katya's room to continue the party. Much carousing went on, and a great time was had by all - although Traveler stayed true to his word and focused his attentions on me, not on the other willing ladies in the room. Katya drifted back and forth between the rest of the gang on the other bed and us, occasionally coming over to lay some smooches or caresses on us and (primarily) on Traveler. I didn't know whether or not he'd specifically told Katya he wouldn't be playing with her that evening, so I wasn't sure how things might progress. I certainly didn't object to some light play - the exclusive focus we'd discussed had been his idea, and I wouldn't have been upset if, in the heat of things, some play with others evolved.

At one point, as I was laying snuggled into the crook of his arm, Katya came over and laid some smooches on Traveler. I hung back, not wanting to horn in on their smooching and seem like I was possessively peeing in the corners of the yard. After a minute or two, though, the thought occurred to me that Traveler would most likely enjoy it even more if BOTH of us were kissing/touching him, so without interrupting what they were doing, I grabbed his cock and gave it a nice squeeze.

I was trying to encourage what they were doing, not discourage it.

Unfortunately, there was some kind of miscommunication. A couple of days later, when I was talking to Katya, she said "Do you realize that when I tried to join you Saturday night you grabbed his cock and gave me a look and shook your head?"

Ohhhh, no! That's not what I was trying to do at ALL. I don't remember anything resembling shaking my head, and I certainly wasn't trying to give her a "you're not welcome" message - on the contrary, I was trying to heighten his enjoyment of Katya kissing on him by adding some extra stimulation. I apologized profusely for the misunderstanding, and it was all good, but I was disappointed that I inadvertantly did something to make Katya feel like I was shooing her away.

But in the end it was all fine. Traveler and I got lost in one another for a while longer, and the next time we came up for air, we realized that we were more or less alone in the room. Gregory and his girlfriend had fallen fast asleep on the next bed, and Katya and her boyfriend had moved into the adjoining room and were going at it in there. Traveler and I decided to collect our things and head back to our own room.

It was about 4:30 in the morning by this point. We sat down and talked and snacked for a bit before snuggling back under the sheets. And it was around this time that the conversation I'd really not expected this weekend occurred.

It was the "us" conversation, the "this is more than just friends with benefits, isn't it?" conversation. It was a conversation that he initiated… but I was very pleased that he did. There was a lot of back and forth where we were clearly trying to feel one another out and figure out what the other wanted without putting ourselves out there by saying exactly what we wanted (when it might not be what the other wanted).

We talked about dating one another exclusively - I wanted to be clear that that wasn't something I was going to do for "just a playmate". I explained that if I became exclusive with someone, it would be to explore a romantic relationship - I wasn't going to take myself "off the market" and stop looking for love for someone who only wanted a "friends with benefits" situation with me. He told me he wanted more than that. He told me he doesn't want to be with anybody else. He told me he wanted to explore the possibilities of what we might become together. He came in close for a kiss. I asked him if this meant he wanted me to stop seeing other men. He said yes, and kissed me again.

I asked, coyly "So, does this mean you want to be my boyyyyyyyfriend?"

He smiled, and softly said "Yes." and then he added, with a grin, "And could you sound any more like a 16 year old girl?" and pounced me with more kisses, which led to more moans, which eventually led to a deep, deep sleep.

Wait a minute, did I just hear that right?

Um, yes, yes, I think I did.

So it would seem… I have a boyfriend! Yes, a boyfriend!

I didn't want to believe it. Maybe this was just pillow talk. Maybe he didn't really mean it all. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

But maybe he did. I waited to see what the next day would bring.

It brought many happy things. It brought delicious morning sex (several times), it brought a lovely stopover for lunch with my best friend on our two+ hour trip back home, and it brought many conversations that made it clear that he meant it. He's all in, moving forward with this relationship, with being a couple. We talked about a great many encouraging things along the lines of feeling one another out with regards to wants/needs/desires/expectations when it comes to relationships, everything from how often we like to have sex to how we communicate to how we argue.

And we still seem to be on the same page about just about everything we discuss. This is good!

When we returned to town, I thought he might have to get back home to do, well, whatever it is he might need to do after spending a couple of nights with me. But he was in no hurry to get anywhere, and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening together, parting ways when I had to go to work Monday morning.

Having had more sex in the preceding weekend than I'd had in short succession in many months, and having gotten very little sleep in our very active weekend, I was exhausted and sore by Monday - sore of the "as awesome as your penis is, keep it away from my naughty bits" variety. As in… for the love of god, give my body time to rest! It (and particularly my naughty bits) have become unused to having sex so frequently. It will acclimate, I assured him, but for now, the combination of lack of rest, lots of sex, and condom-induced irritation had led to me needing a bit of rest.

He assured me, Monday evening, I would have respite.

He lied.

Well, not exactly lied. When we parted ways Monday morning, he had evening plans. By Monday afternoon, he was texting me that his evening had freed up, and would I like to see him again? I told him that it sounded lovely, but that I had just promised Maya that I would go over for a while after work and help her pack up her apartment, as she was in the midst of moving to a larger apartment in the same apartment complex. I suggested that perhaps we could meet up later on after I was finished. I also said that I was planning on stopping by Planned Parenthood for an HIV test after work. He'd told me some days earlier that he'd had a checkup and full battery of tests about a month earlier, and I'd not been planning on asking him to have another HIV test - but I figured if we were going to do the whole exclusive relationship thing, in the interest of getting rid of the condoms I so detest, and in the interest of responsibility, I should go get tested (I have an IUD, so pregnancy is not a concern).

Traveler went on to earn himself some major Boyfriend Brownie Points that day. First of all, when he heard that I was going to get tested, he immediately offered to come with me, to provide moral support, and to get tested again himself so there'd be no doubt in my mind he was STD-free (and yes, all our tests turned out well). And then, in addition volunteering to join me for the HIV testing, he volunteered to come help with the move (for a perfect stranger, no less) - and even offered to bring dollies and packing supplies. When we arrived, he immediately asked Maya to put him to work and got to work packing up her kitchen in boxes. He proceeded to pack his SUV to the gills with boxes, insisting that Maya and I let him do all the heavy lifting, taking all the boxes back and forth to the SUV himself.

When I asked why he'd volunteer to help a perfect stranger move, he said his motivation was threefold: 1. it was an opportunity to spend time with me, 2. it was an opportunity to get to know my friend(s), and 3. he couldn't leave the ladies to do all the heavy lifting on their own.

How sweet is that? Yes, major brownie points - with both the girlfriend and her friend!

Despite the blistering heat, we had a lot of fun joking around while bringing things into Maya's new apartment as she cooked us dinner to thank us for our help. As we were rounding up the last of the boxes from the car and laughing over something Traveler had just said, he remarked "I'm going to guess that these last 2 weeks with me have been the most fun you've had in… months!"

I just smiled at him and replied "Longer."

He stepped over and gave me a kiss. I said "How about you?"

He paused, took my face in his hands, looked meaningfully into my eyes, and said "Longer." before kissing me deeply.

And my heart melted just a little bit.

All in all, it was a lovely evening.

And the week that followed was lovely as well! We were together every night for a week… it wasn't really planned that way, but it ended up that way nevertheless. Sunday, after our night away with our friends, he stayed unexpectedly. Monday night, he volunteered to help with Maya's move, and afterwards stayed at my place till about 1:30am, but had to get home since he'd not made advance arrangements for his dog. He'd said he was going to leave it up to me whether I wanted a night or two off before seeing him again. I left it up in the air, torn between the need to get a little rest and my enthusiasm for spending time with him.

After he left, I fell right asleep, but when I woke up in the morning, the first thing I did was text him, saying "Woke up like 5 times during the night missing your arms wrapped around me. See you tonight?"

His response came 2 minutes later: "Of course."

We spent Tuesday evening together, but I figured we'd be apart on Wednesday evening and I might get some of that rest and relaxation we kept talking about getting with a night apart - you know, some much needed time for my naughty bits to heal. We both had plans for Wednesday evening with our friends, so getting together wasn't really an option.

Except, well….

We were talking Wednesday afternoon, and he'd done something to his neck/shoulder and was in a substantial amount of pain, which wasn't being helped by muscle relaxants. So, of course, being the good girlfriend that I am, I offered to work on it (as in massage) after my evening plans were over. We figured we'd play it by ear, since neither of us knew how late we'd be, and my evening plans had me kind of near his place, and his evening plans had him kind of near my place.

Ultimately, I won (heh) - and ended up getting back to my place around midnight, quickly curling up on the couch and dozing off for about 10 minutes until he walked in my front door. He snuggled up to me on the couch, and waited very patiently for a few minutes for me to more fully wake up so I could give him that massage.

This was a different massage experience than my usual, though - this wasn't a full back/body massage with all the accoutrements, this was a very focused working on one VERY tight set of muscles in his right shoulder, with more pressure than most people could stand without screaming bloody murder - but the cool part was that he worked with me on it, showing me exactly what to do and where along the muscle lines to do it, showing me techniques and tools I could use to best work out the knot in the muscle. I felt the satisfaction of working together on something, and of improving my skills - I was happy to know I was doing more than just kneading on a muscle, but getting to EXACTLY the pressure points he wanted me to work on, and making a big difference in helping him feel better. He's since offered to teach me everything he knows about massage, because it's something nice to do and share together, but also since it will improve the quality of the massages he gets from me - which is fine by me!

So, we had Wednesday night together too. But I made him behave himself. We'd gotten to the point that I was sore enough that we were restricted in our sexual activities to those which involved very little actual friction (although it's surprising how much sex you can have when you're avoiding friction, which generally goes hand and hand with intercourse). I knew he wanted our Thursday evening to be special (more on that later), so I told him that he had a choice between keeping his penis out of my naughty bits Wednesday night and having unrestricted access to them on Thursday (when given the opportunity to do so, my naughty bits heal quickly), or he could have the naughty bits Wednesday night but remain restricted in the activity both nights.

He went for a little from column A, and a little from column B. Wednesday night and Thursday morning, he dutifully kept his penis out of my naughty bits, but made sure my naughty bits were well taken care of and that it took every bit of my willpower not to scream at him "Forget what I said, and for the love of God, FUCK ME!!!!!!"

So… Thursday evening, as I said, he wanted to be special. I had tickets to see a touring Broadway show I've been wanting to see for months, and asked if he might like to join me for the show. Now, most men I've met are not so keen on musical theater, and indulging my love of Broadway generally has to be something I do with my girlfriends. Traveler, on the other hand, is much more cultured than most men I've dated, and not only does he enjoy Broadway, he'd actually seen this show several times. He said he'd be thrilled to go. I was tickled pink!

But not only did he want to go, he went out of his way to make it a very special evening for me. The evening started when he met me at my place in the late afternoon. We talked and visited for a little while, and then he modeled a couple of outfits he'd brought along to let me decide what he was going to wear for the evening. He looked fantastic in his suit, but the other outfit looked even tastier - he wore new jeans, a striped button down with fancy funky embroidered bits, and a velvety black blazer with more funky embroidering on the back. He looked good enough to eat. I was tickled pink to have him on my arm for the evening, because DAYUM did he look HOT!

He did something really really sweet next. One of the things his company does is make formal wear hair accessories. He designed a piece for me of feathers and crystals, and had his production staff make it in three different colors , unsure which would best accent my hair and outfit. He even did my hair for me in a lovely updo, ensuring the ornament was displayed just so. And let me tell you, I have now discovered that when you know from personal experience that a man is quite straight, having him do your hair is sexy as HELL. Watching him in the mirror standing behind me, bobby pins sticking out of his mouth, twisting my hair this way and that, deftly manipulating it and pinning it into the perfect loose updo while occasionally caressing my neck and pursing his lips at me to blow a kiss in the mirror… yeah, wow, that was hot. And considering I was getting dressed up to look good for him, knowing that my hair looked exactly how he wanted it to really made me feel sexy. The fact that I lost count of how many times he told me how beautiful I looked made me feel even better.

We went out to a lovely dinner at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant, and he was such the gentleman - I don’t' remember the last time a man went out of his way to pull out my chair for me when I sat down in a restaurant. In the restaurant, I felt like I was the only other person in the world, like he was completely oblivious to anyone around us, so intently focused was he on me, on looking at me, touching me, talking to me, kissing me. The only thing that kept us from making out like horny teenagers right there in the restaurant was my desire not to make those around us uncomfortable with our, um, antics.

The show itself was lovely, although I must admit that my mind frequently wandered from its focus on the stage and onto thoughts of Traveler and what a wonderful evening I was having with him. I'm a big fan of the theater in general, but this was the loveliest time I can remember having with an evening of theater. It all just felt really… special.

After we returned home, Traveler wasn't done making the evening special, and spent the next few hours ensuring that this was a night I'd never forget. After a late night snack, I fell asleep curled up in his lap on the couch. Eventually we got up and went upstairs to bed, and he told me in the morning that I'd fallen asleep as soon as we got into bed, and was snoring in a matter of minutes. But, much to my amusement, he discovered that if he rubbed small circles on my butt cheeks, I stopped snoring. I'm not entirely sure why that worked (or even why I was snoring, which isn't common for me), but I'm glad that it did.

Sleeping… yes, that's something different with Traveler. We're both the sort that are night owls and don't need to sleep as many hours a night as most people. He's said that he usually only sleeps 4-5 hours a night tops - but it seems that on nights when we have the opportunity to do so, he sleeps quite a lot more (either because I've sufficiently worn him out or because he's particularly comfy with me, who knows). I typically am a light sleeper, and wake up numerous times during the night, move around quite a bit, and wake if my partner moves around or gets out of bed to go to the bathroom.

But with Traveler, I've been sleeping like a rock. With him by my side, I fall asleep quickly, and sleep HARD - as in when I do wake up, I realize that whatever part I've been laying on (like my hip if I've been laying on my side) is sore because I've been laying on it without moving for so long. He said I barely move at all, and sleep very heavily. The other morning I woke up when the alarm went off, and he wasn't in bed. I thought perhaps he'd woken up super early, couldn't sleep, and decided to go home without saying goodbye to avoid waking me. I got up and looked out the window. His car was still there. I called out his name. Apparently he was only a few feet away in the master bathroom, but I'd not stirred any of the three times he'd gotten out of bed .

This is different for me. Apparently I sleep really well with Traveler. And that's not the only thing that's going well with him… he's so very unlike the other men I've dated. He's: brilliantly smart, personally and professionally accomplished (much more so than I, which is refreshing), remarkably emotionally stable (especially considering all he's been through in recent years), gentlemanly, sweet, romantic, generous (and I mean that in the "I do for others just because I can and it's the right thing to do" sense, not in the "I like to $pend my money on wimminz" sense), caring, entertaining, funny, outgoing, gregarious, he loves animals, he volunteers, he's honest, straightforward, communicative, thoughtful, considerate, confident, assertive, open minded, he can dance, and he's just the sort of passionate, kinky, dominant lover I've been looking for. And… such an effect he has on me! I am not one to blush easily. In fact, it is rare that someone can make me blush. But not only can Traveler make me blush easily, he can do it without a single word. Just a look is all it takes, one smoldering look from him, and I can feel my cheeks go crimson. It's quite lovely.

And I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I keep waiting to find out something terribly wrong with him, with us as a match. But so far, everything is going wonderfully. Magically so. I'm still having a hard time believing it. I want this to be right. He does too. But is it?

I suppose only time will tell. Time that I'm very much going to enjoy.

I feel like I'm swept up in a whirlwind - things with Traveler have been progressing so quickly - we've not gone more than a few hours without communicating with one another since the day we met, and I think we've not spent a full 24 hours apart in the past 3 weeks. We've moved right past the tentative early dating phase and gone right into couplehood. And it's been wonderful. It feels right. It feels like, well, that "you meet a new person and want to spend all your time together because you just can't get enough of them" period that I've experienced every time I've fallen in love, every time I've had a serious long term relationship. And it's been a very long time since I felt that. But it's lovely. And I'm excited about the possibilities, about…well, if this is what it feels like it is, if this follows the path that it feels like we're on…

Wonderful things are ahead for us, just wonderful.

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