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Good hands... no, WONDERFUL hands...

Last night I discovered something lovely: Traveler has magical hands. Or at least it seems that way. The night before, he'd told me he was going to go play ice hockey. The following morning, I texted him and asked if he was all bruised and battered from his hockey game. He said that he wasn't, but he had aching muscles that he couldn't find on any anatomical chart. So, being the sweet and flirty girl that I am, I offered him a rubdown. A bunch of verbal banter later, he decided to go get a professional massage, join me to play pool at my league for the evening, and then go back to my place afterward for that private rubdown.

Last week when we all were over at Traveler's place for dinner, I felt an ouchy knot in my shoulder, and asked Gregory to work it out for me. Having spent many years studying massage, Gregory regularly brings over his massage table and gives me massages - he has a knack for finding every crunchy bit and working it out beautifully. Due to the large chest I carry around with me 24/7, I have somewhat perpetually sore shoulders. Most people get an A for effort but are entirely inadequate at working out the kinks in my shoulders, usually rubbing way too soft or otherwise not finding the crunchy bits. So, when I felt a knot, despite the fact that Traveler was all snuggled up to me at the table, I asked Gregory to work on it, assuming Traveler would have a much harder time effectively working the muscles that needed working. He made some comment to the effect that he'd have been happy to work on it, and I explained my history with Gregory's massage work and his knack for finding my crunchy bits, and didn't think much more of it.

In retrospect, I should have let Traveler work on me!

While we were playing pool, last night, I reached up to rub his shoulder a little bit, and it felt hard as a rock - I expressed surprise that it was so stiff after his getting a professional massage earlier in the day. His response was something to the effect of "you should have felt it BEFORE the massage!"

We started talking about massage, and as we did so, he pulled a chair out and instructed me to sit in it sideways, and started rubbing my shoulders.


His hands... they were magical. The instant he started rubbing my shoulders, the pressure was PERFECT, and I swear it felt like he was doing things with his hands that were anatomically impossible. His mad skillz outstripped any pro masseuse who's ever worked on me, and even gave Gregory quite the run for his money. As it turns out, years ago he was dating a girl who was going through massage therapy school, so he got to learn a lot of it along with her while she was working through it. No wonder he's so good at this!

I told him he was in trouble now that I knew he was that good at this... he'd be tasked to do it frequently in the future!

After we got back to the house, we were sitting on the couch talking, and I asked if he'd mind rubbing my shoulders a bit more while we chatted, and in a few minutes I'd take him upstairs and give him that rubdown I'd promised.

We didn't get to that rubdown for a few more hours, though. After just a few seconds of rubbing my shoulders, he suggested we go upstairs to the bedroom so he could lay me down and work on me more easily. So, while I'd intended to just get a couple of minutes of kneading my shoulders, I ended up with a naked, supine, oiled full back massage, and it was MARVELOUS. I felt terribly guilty because *I* was supposed to be giving *him* a massage, and terribly concerned that by comparison, my massage of him was going to be grossly inadequate.

But that didn't stop me from enjoying myself. At the end of the massage, he was perched straddling my backside rubbing my shoulders, and he slowly moved down my body, I thought just to relax, and as I was trying to muster the strength to get up and give him that massage, I felt his tongue working its way down my back.... backside... and...

Yeah, there was no way I could get up now.

At some point, still filled with "I'm supposed to be massaging YOU" guilt, I breathlessly cried out "How can I give you a massage when you're doing... THAT??"

He didn't stop. But a few minutes later, he cheerfully said "Well, what's a massage without a happy ending?" (and then went back to what he was doing).

The happy ending became an even happier beginning, and we didn't get to that massage of his for quite a while, what with all the moaning and screaming that was going on. We made good use of the sex swing that hasn't even gotten hung from its happy hook much less used in 2-3 years for a good long time, and I was oh so pleasantly reminded of how damned awesome that thing is.

Eventually... EVENTUALLY... we made it back to the bed and I gave HIM the happy ending he was SO very richly deserving... and THEN I gave him a massage. I did my best to make it full of awesome, but between his fantastic massage and the eleventy bazillion orgasms that followed it, I still felt like the one orgasm and massage I gave him just couldn't make up for it.

He certainly seemed to enjoy himself... at the end of the massage, I sat next to him on the bed lightly scratching his back, and I listened to his soft moans turn into snores as he fell right asleep for about 2 minutes before groggily trying to work up the energy to roll over, get up, and go home to walk his dog.

So, while my hands and my massage skills may not be as magical as his, I think he was a happy camper nonetheless. As we lay together mulling over the awesome that was our evening, he commented that he'd have to ask Gregory for some tips and pointers on massaging me. I laughed and assured him that he needed NO pointers about me at ALL.

And this weekend, Traveler and I are going to go with Gregory and Katya and their significant others (and perhaps a few more friends) on an overnight trip to a large swinger club a couple of hours away. Not that we're necessarily planning on doing any swinging (well, maybe some of that group fun we missed out on the night we all had dinner at Traveler's place), but it's a lovely hedonists' paradise, and a great place for a few open minded friends to go out and party hearty for the evening. Add to that that there will be a (clothing optional) pool party in the afternoon, and that there's everything from a DJ to hot tubs to themed sex rooms, and I'm sure a fun time will be had by all. I've not been there in a year or two, and am really looking forward to going with my hot new [um, whatever I should call Traveler] and our friends for a much needed night of partying!

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