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Welcome to Adventures in Dating

Hi, I'm Vixen!  Welcome to my Adventures in Dating blog.  


For a long time now with the advent of the blogosphere, people have been asking me if I blogged, and I’ve always said no, that I didn’t think there was much going on in my life that people would find interesting enough to want to read about regularly.  What I didn’t say was that there was probably plenty going on in my life about which the general public would love to see the juicy details, but it wasn’t stuff I was willing to openly discuss with the general public. But regardless, while I was keeping a private computerized journal, I wasn’t at a point at which I wanted to write about my private adventures publicly.


I’d been married for 5 years, and in one serious relationship almost immediately after another for my entire adult life.  And then I found myself single and dating again… and all of a sudden, I found I had much blog fodder.  My adventures in dating have been… entertaining to say the least. Some good, a lot of bad, some downright retarded.  I’d taken to reporting on my adventures to a few close friends, and heard “you really need to start a blog” enough times that I decided to give it a go, especially after my most recent dating adventure, which will be my blog’s inaugural adventure once I get all this introductory stuff out of the way. 


I’ve been meeting some interesting people.  I’m learning some interesting lessons about dating and about men in general.  Some of the things that have been happening have been hilarious…  some have been jaw droppingly astounding. 


I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures in dating.

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