June 8th, 2010

BlogVixen, Vixen

Dear Penthouse Forum....

Today's story involves what sounds like it would make the perfect "no WAY that actually happened" story in Penthouse Forum. It involves Traveler becoming a hero to a dear friend and to men everywhere.

But let me start at the beginning. A dear old friend of Traveler's recently moved to the area and is staying with him for a few months. Since he's an art restoration specialist and because I'm not feeling particularly creative at the moment with the monikers, we'll just call him Art. Art is a very sweet guy, but doesn't have a lot of game with the ladies. Traveler recently commented something to the effect of "I need to find Art a woman!" - as in "He's a great guy who could make some lady very happy and having a lady in his life would make HIM very happy!" My first suggestion was that we should introduce him to Nancy, until I realized he smokes and that's a dealbreaker for her. So, we backburnered the idea of "Who can we fix up with Art?" And went on about our merry way.

Well, ask, and the universe shall deliver. And Traveler shall deliver the favor of all favors. Yesterday morning he got a call from a friend he'd not talked to in a few months. Claire is a former friend with benefits, and was hoping to re-establish some of those benefits with Traveler. He told her that he's off the market now (she was very happy for him and eager to meet the woman, i.e. me, who took him off the market), and in their conversation, the topic of Art (who she'd previously met briefly) came up. She admitted that she'd thought Art was pretty cute when she met him, and Traveler invited her to come out and join him for a late lunch, and then when Art got home from work mid-afternoon, the two of them could go out for drinks and get reacquainted a bit.

So, a few hours later, Traveler instant messaged me at work. "Well, Art and Claire have hit it off."

"Yay!" I responded.

"They are fucking on my bed right now." He replied.

My jaw just about hit the floor. "Are you SERIOUS??"

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