April 20th, 2010

BlogVixen, Vixen

Another blah date

I met another guy from SexSite last night that had seemed somewhat promising, but was ultimately disappointing. We'd chatted online a fair bit and on the phone as well. He's a lawyer who recently moved to the area, and who, like me, shares a love of travel. Before we'd even met, he'd invited me to go on an international trip with him.

Whoa, getting a bit ahead of yourself, don't you think? He said he's planning a trip to Vienna this summer, and might I like to join him for a trip like that? I told him that IF we hit it off in person and IF we kept seeing one another and IF we were still seeing one another later this summer when the trip was approaching, I'd love to take such a trip together. But I wasn't about to commit to anything with someone I'd not even met much less determined if we were compatible enough to take a vacation together.

When we met in person, I knew as soon as I sat down that I wasn't going to be into him. His photo was of the 'hard to tell' variety, where he could end up being either very dashing looking, or he could be a dork. He went in the dork direction. It was as if each of his features in his photo was tweaked just a bit such that in person he looked like a slightly caricaturized version of his photo, and generally looked pretty goofy. I waited for his personality to de-goofify him, but it did not. Definitely goofy, and not in a good way.

And, at dinner, he was clearly still trying to get me to go to Austria with him. He mentioned that he'd just booked the trip and asked again if I might like to go with him. He asked questions about how my vacation time works out (like how much vacation time I get with my job and what sort of advanced planning/notice is involved with taking time off). I tried to answer vaguely about the amount of time I get and how I can take time off, and then deftly changed topics to other trips I want to take this summer to visit assorted family and friends around the country.

When we left, he walked me to my car and as we were saying goodbye, he asked if we could get together again, and I simply said "we'll see" and said goodbye.

I got an instant message this morning saying that he had a good time, but is going to assume that I was not interested. I responded saying his assumption was correct, and I just didn't feel dating chemistry with him, and then deleted and blocked him. Message delivered, no further communication necessary.