April 13th, 2010

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Drinking on a first date

OK, kids, today's lesson is about drinking and first dates. Regardless of how much you drink on a regular basis, when going on a first date, you are trying to make a good first impression, so... just as you would if you were having dinner with a prospective employer, your new fiance's parents, or the president, you should keep your drinking to a minimum if you drink at all. One or two drinks is plenty if you're just having dinner, only a little more if you're spending the whole evening together. You don't want to give the first impression that you need (or want) to get drunk to be able to talk to someone (or just that you need it all the time). Rather, you want to give your date the impression that you want to be clear-headed and focused on getting to know them.

Unfortunately, the guy I went out with last night has not yet learned this lesson.

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BlogVixen, Vixen

Name dropping oops

So, I sent an email to the guy I went out with last night, that started with "Hi, Adam, I had a really nice time at dinner last night... BUT... yes, there is a but." and then I launched into an explanation of why his drunken performance last night had ensured he wouldn't be seeing me again. In the end, I suggested he consider better judgment on future first dates and wished him luck.

He responded, three words:

"My name is Austin."

Oh. Um. Oops? Really? I could have SWORN his name was Adam. I thought he told me his name. I scoured our emails and chats, not sure if I might have missed or deleted something, but couldn't find anywhere where he actually told me his name. I reeeeally thought it was Adam. Maybe I just guessed or inferred? His screenname was "aepeck" - I had him in my phone as Adam Peck. I guess I must have never actually addressed him directly by name.

Well, that would have been much more embarrassing if I'd not been in the midst of dumping him when I called him by the wrong name.

Oh well. I chose not to reply. No good could come of it.