March 30th, 2010

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Makes no sense

Once again, I have encountered men in my Adventures in Dating that leave me scratching my head. I had two dates last week, both of which should have led to second dates, but neither of which did. And I'm not sure what the hell happened or what was going through these boys' heads.

So, date #1 was with a guy I met on PayVanilla. He seemed nice enough, and after a few online conversations, we made plans to meet for dinner on Sunday evening. Sunday morning he instant messaged me and started a line of conversation that had me wondering if the date was even going to happen. He basically said he was super shy, and therefore uncomfortable meeting at the restaurant at which we were going to meet, and wanted to meet for coffee instead. There were several things about the conversation that were odd and had me wondering if he was even going to show up, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and agreed to meet him for coffee.

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BlogVixen, Vixen

Unintentionally Hilarious Online Dating Profile of the Week

Today's Unintentionally Hilarious Online Dating Profile of the Week comes to us courtesy of SexSite. I will let it speak for itself.



40, White, Br./Br., 155 (?), Thin, 5'10", Virgin. Looking for 1st with hot girls! (One girl, more girls, threesomes, foursomes, lez-bi orgies, with me included and watching...HOTTTT! Def want to try! Let's have fun!) I'M STRAIGHT!! NO GUYS!! Looking for hot, pretty, beautiful girls, for friendship, fun, sex, maybe relationships. If love comes in too, great! But not required.

Mainly looking to lose my virginity, and for a good time, and to finally start living, the way I should have years ago. (Would love if I could find girls/women who bring along female family members, after awhile. Sisters, cousins, mom-daughter, aunt-niece. I think it would be HOT! So if any of you girls/women out there don't mind sharing with a female family member, please email me. That's the hottest thing in the world, incest. (I know, I probably sound really freaky, but can't help it, it's hotttt! Lol!

Anyway, I think I'm Fun, Funny, Romantic, Passionate, and Sensitive. (And I LOVE to talk DIRTY!! I've had cybersex on another site, a few times, and want to try it for real. It was fun, and am not against doing more, but I want the REAL THING!!) I'm not there anymore, and now I'm here to try somewhere new, and hopefully meet some teriffic girls.

Hope we connect! Pulse me! Let's have fun! Bring out my wild, sexy side! I think I might be an ANIMAL in bed...wanna find out? Lol! Email me, and tell me about u, and I'll tell u more about me, just ask. Let's talk, and hopefully meet, and have fun! Thanks! Pulse Me!! (@>- Ladies)