March 4th, 2010

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Far, far away

Recently a guy I’ll call FarAway contacted me on BDSMsite from halfway across the country. I’m pretty clear in my profile that I’m only looking to meet people who live within an hour from me, but he said he was perfectly willing to visit, and, if he found the right match, has the sort of career that would be easy to relocate. That’s about the only way I’ll consider even corresponding with a long distance guy. He seemed attractive and personable and we seemed similarly aligned in our interests, so I agreed to talk to him. I got the impression that English is not his first language – his grammar and usage implied it, like when we were discussing whether we could ever see ourselves in a completely nonkinky (A.K.A. vanilla) relationship, and he said “i couldnt be in a complete vanilla relation either.”

After our second IM conversation, he asked to talk on the phone, which we did. Again, I sensed that English wasn’t his first language – but I couldn’t quite place his accent. He sounded Indian, but there was something else mixed in there. Eventually I asked where he grew up, and he said he grew up in the US, but was part Indian, part Italian, and part Mexican, and grew up in a Hispanic neighborhood. I’m not quite sure I believe that he’s a native English speaker, but whatever. It was just a bit strange (both having that much accent and grammar trouble if you grew up in the US and lying about growing up in the US are red flags, in my book).

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