February 17th, 2010

BlogVixen, Vixen

Maturity (or lack thereof)

Just before Christmas, I was contacted on FreeVanilla by a young chap who was, well… young. He was substantially younger than the guys I typically go for, at age 24 to my 35, but it seemed that we had a remarkable amount in common, so I gave him a chance. He was in the process of moving to my area for my home town about a dozen hours away, and he was originally from the same city overseas that my sister's husband hails from; it seemed perhaps kismet had brought us together. We talked of meeting, only to realize that he was leaving my home town to move the last of his things to my area literally a few hours after I would be arriving in my home town to visit for the holidays. And, by the time I was scheduled to return, he'd already have left on a month long trip to his hometown overseas.

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