January 13th, 2010

BlogVixen, Vixen

Not nearly as charming as you think you are

On New Year's Day, I had a date with a guy who was not NEARLY as charming seductive as he seemed to think he was. In fact, his behavior was downright asinine. I'm going to call him Piper, because he plays the bagpipes. Piper came to me by way of Facebook. It would seem he found me when trolling through the friends of the people on his friends list looking for women. He sent me a "poke." He sent one to my friend Nancy too. Both of us individually started exchanging messages with him. He seemed intelligent, interesting, and funny, a doctor studying for his medical boards. He lived about 4 hours away, but said he was moving to my area this spring to be closer to his child. Oh, yes, he has a five year old autistic child. Now, normally I don't even entertain the thought of dating a man with children, much less special needs children, but for some reason, this one had my interest piqued. He was smart and funny and it seemed like we'd have much in common. We both professed to be very sexual people with very active libidos, and that's an important characteristic I look for in a mate. Combine that with smart and funny, and it might trump the kid thing.

Before long, Piper started asking to meet me, and so I decided it was time to do a little research on him. I emailed our mutual Facebook friend Fred, a longtime friend and sometimes playmate, to ask for his take on Piper. They both belong to a large social organization, and as a high ranking member of that organization, I thought it likely that Fred had quite a few people on his Facebook friends list that he didn't know very well, but had met briefly due to his position in the organization. In fact, this was the case. Fred professed not to know Piper well at all, but he did have a choice story to share with me.

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